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Après une année de travail intensif nous somme fier de vous inviter à rejoindre la nouvelle version de notre plateforme.

Si vous avez une session en cours, prenez le temps de la finir, et n'hésitez surtout pas à contacter votre gestionnaire de compte si vous avez la moindre question.

Attention: la plateforme actuelle sera fermée prochainement, ne tardez pas!



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Comments posted by members

  • Creed 13/11/2019
    Hey hey!
  • Heyne 10/11/2019
    Everything good till now. Let´s see how it goes.
  • Littlefoot22 08/11/2019
    What is if I can not manage it in 30 days?
  • Stonedlikeanapple 07/11/2019
    @Kingpin yeah actually it works quite well. I am now here in my second month and got also my 3 payment
  • Kingpin4567 06/11/2019
    Does it work???
  • Facebook1934560052454226 06/11/2019
    I am new… but ready to rumble!
  • Facebook3204825354357712 04/11/2019
    Kann man die Kugel auch irgendwie schneller machen? Dauert ja ewig...
  • Floralys 04/11/2019
  • ASOS 03/11/2019
    Worth it
  • Billy 31/10/2019
    The Software makes me sometimes nearly cry.... but in the end, it always finishes as it should ... is there a way to do it less drama XD?
  • John_wick_Jr 30/10/2019
    Good job! But one question I have..... how can I resume a session?
    • ApolloSoft 30/10/2019

      Hello! To resume your session, you simply need to click on 'Open the software' in the corresponding step. You will then be redirected to the casino

  • Facebook3535228990992318 29/10/2019
    I am still skeptical.. We´ll see
  • SOHO 25/10/2019
    Congrats! Better than every Poker tracker!
  • Facebook9372374235002371 24/10/2019
    I often lost the connection… anyone else has this issue???
    • ApolloSoft 24/10/2019

      I recommend you to use a PC with a wired connection and to close all other applications in the background

  • Anonymus 21/10/2019
    Withdrawal done yeahhh
  • SGE1886 19/10/2019
    F***ing awesome software can´t wait for the second!!!!
  • Facbeook2850049472934842 17/10/2019
    The ball is rolling and I am winning XD
  • De_Leila 15/10/2019
    Horrible to install the Flash but then it worked out!
  • Joker_96 13/10/2019
    I had my doubts, but well done guys!
  • Facebook3353916937952585 13/10/2019
    Hi, I am new here. After the 30 days training session do i need to deposit any amount of my own money to use this site? Did you guys make withdrawal real money from this website to your bank account?
  • RENESATPEAR23 11/10/2019
    Hi I am new to this software, how often do you use software 1 in a day. Can you only play 20 sessions per day
  • Greendog61 09/10/2019
    How long does the session last for while useing the software2?
  • Facebook10215497843779024 08/10/2019
    ok, so how do we get paid? I still don't understand?
  • Facebook10212305300147277 07/10/2019
    Hi. So lets do this. I am courious,
  • Facebook14235691055559122 02/10/2019
    Hi, I am using software 2 now for quite a while. You can check with John but you should just stick in the beginning to the 2 sessions. After a while, you can increase on your own feeling....
  • Facebook10161652395520640 01/10/2019
    anyone using software 2? how many sessions a day are you playing as they only recommend 2 sessions per day. anyone has an experience with that?
  • Facebook1382629621901161 24/09/2019
    Very good work
  • Facebook1382629621901161 24/09/2019
    Am ready for this work
  • Zarmpalas 18/09/2019
    Hi John. I want to change my name. I want the name BH. Thanks Ilias
    • ApolloSoft 18/11/2019


  • Stonymehony22 09/09/2019
    Hi, I am also new... but I really have to say that I like the software. Good work!